Freelance surveying / consultancy

We advise both private and public sector clients on property related issues on a project basis.
We are also able to offer estate agency services and have a database of around 25,000 buyers/contacts. We can find buyers for any type of property in any part of the UK through efficient and effective marketing. Our experience means that we often have a good idea of who the buyer will be before we enter the market itself.

  • Investment property acquisitions. 
  • Disposals. 
  • Portfolio strategy advice. 
  • Portfolio data verification.
  • Rent review. 
  • Lease renewal.
  • Lease restructuring. 
  • Due diligence. 
  • Specialist advice on buying or selling through auction.
  • Risk assessment procurement. 
  • Public sector consultancy. 
  • Tenant relocation. 
  • Development analysis.
  • Short term property Management.